ET 200

Fuel Water Separators

ET 200

Most existing fuel filters are not designed to remove water; they are designed to remove solid contaminants. EngineTech eliminates water from diesel fuel before reaching the fuel pump and injectors. This prevents the major cause of fuel injection system failures. Clean fuel means a smoother running engine and a more cost effective operation.

EngineTech is a proven product, less pump and Injector wear, less downtime and maintenance, lower fuel consumption, lower exhaust emissions. There are no short cuts to keeping diesel fuel clean and water free.

EngineTech's unique separation system can remove 100% of water in diesel fuel. Condensation constantly occurs within storage tanks, fuel carriers and fuel tank tanks. Water damages fuel pumps, injectors and shortens conventional filter life. Water displaces the fuel's lubricative coating on the precision injection components. The loss of this protection will result in wear, erosion,surface pitting and eventual pressure loss and failure

Specific Characteristics:
  • Max. flow
    • 1.6 USG/ min 95 USG/ hr
    • 1.3 Imp g/ min 80 Imp g/ hr 
    • 6.0LPM  360 ltr/ hr
  • Ports 7/8” x 14 UN   straight threadLess Pump and Injector Wear
  • Less Downtime and Maintenance
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Lower Exhaust Emissions


Suitable For Engines 50-150 hp