Maine USA

“….the temps have plummeted to the -20s and we have had over 5 feet of snow. Each time I plugged in the heater on my John Deere 850 ...the tractor started up like it was in the middle of June. I could not be more satisfied with a product and your claims are true. Your sales department and marketing were very helpful with questions before my purchase. I recommend your heaters to anyone I know with trucks or tractors. Thank you.” 

“...cold spell where the night time temperature on one night last week dropped as low as minus 41.2 degrees Celsius. I am pleased to report that the Eagle Summit started without incident every day.” 

Winnipeg Canada
Granville USA

“About 12 months ago I bought the small heater pad for my fuel filter from you as the pre heater for my 1800cc ford focus estate which I run on cleaned very well used cooking oil, before the pre heater was installed it took ages to start my car in the mornings; however I`ve just had it fitted correctly for 2 weeks now and I have too email you to say how GOOD it is... I started the car about 10 mins before using and Hey Presto...When I bought it you asked me to let you know how it performed, Well it`s taken so long to get someone to fit it but it has been well worth the wait (I now run on 100% cooking oil without needing to mix with diesel...Many thanks.” 

Would like to say that it is a pleasure doing business with you - Very thorough. Your prompt  and professional response was welcome. Also appreciated the comprehensive information you provided. Thank you.”

Power and Gas Utility United Kingdom
Certified Generator Installation Company Quebec, Canada

"I am in generator installation business  in Quebec. I have used Titan heater pads for keeping Oil and battery  warm on my products  in extreme cold weather. I am very satisfied them and have been buying for 9 years. They are easy to use and the price is very good."

I’ve only used your products on my own personal (or various friend’s) cars. I’ve never had one fail to perform as advertised - or fail after years of use.They have a very good installation kit - very complete and with good instructions.I’ve never seen one come off - or even have a corner come loose!

Great product - keep up the good work!

Saskatoon Canada