Oberg Oil Filter/Drum Crushers


Oberg Heavy Duty Truck Oil Filter Crusher

The Oberg Model P-200L is the most popular oil filter crusher model for crushing heavy duty truck filters.

The P-200L accepts filters up to 16" tall and crushes multiple automotive size filters simultaneously. Crushed filters are deposited through a trap door in the rear of the crushing chamber directly into a 55 gallon transport drum that can be positioned under the machine.

The P-200L requires no air supply and uses a fully self contained electric/hydraulic power unit. This system provides consistent crushing force without the need for any air supply. The operator has total hands free operation. A push button control activates the system and a built-in safety mechanism prevents the machine from operating when the loading door is open.

Space is important in any shop; the P-200L allows you to position the filter drum directly under the machine. The unique trap door allows the crushed filters to go directly into the transport drum without having to be manually removed. Additional floor space required is 2 square feet as the drum currently occupies space in the shop.

Depth Depth 32.5 inches Inches
Width: 23.5 Inches
Height: 92 Inches
Weight: 700 lbs (shipping)
Voltage (Volts) 120 volts a.c.
Specific Characteristics:
  • Electric/ hydraulic - requires no shop air, quiet and provides consistent crushing force
  • Legs accommodate a 55 gallon drum directly under the machine to catch the crushed filters
  • Durability - 3/16" steel construction and the best electrical and hydraulic components available
  • Crush one gallon paint cans or multiple automotive oil filters
  • Cycle time 35 seconds 
  • Crushing force 31416 lbs
  • Cavity size 9" W x 16" H x 11" D
  • Electrical 120VAC, 15 amp dedicated


  • 50 Hz motor for international markets
  • Explosion-proofing (Class 1, Division 2)