Cab Air Cleaners


Cabaire utilizes a centrifuge air precleaner to first remove large dirt particles from entering the air system, the air is then filtered through a celluose filter or HEPA filter and blown into the air conditioner intake duct by a self-contained air pump.  The result is the creation of a positive air pressure system within the cab; this prevents dirt from entering the cab through leaks in its doors and other openings.

The air conditioner in the cab will operate more effectively and efficiently and require less power as a result of the positive air pressure being introduced into the incoming air chamber.

The Cabaire uses its own high pressure air pump, not a fan, to deliver a high volume of dual filtered air into the enclosure which results in a positive air pressure being created and maintained on the inside. Dirt is forced out of the doors, windows, and other unsealed areas instead of being drawn into the enclosure when the enclosure has a positive air pressure.

The result and benefit of a positive air system being maintained in the cab is that the electronics and other instruments stay clean, the operator air quality and working environment is improved; this results in increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

Amps: 7 amps
Voltage (Volts) 24 volts d.c.
Specific Characteristics:
  • Operate with a down stream filter
  • Air precleaner
  • Celluose second stage filter
  • HEPA second stage filter option
  • Pressuirzer pump 190 CFM
  • Rubber flex hose diameter 3" x length 18" - 36"
  • Small footprint
  • Multi-position installation, vertical, horizontals or inclined 
  • Adjustable mounting bracket facilitates ease of installation
  • Increased air conditioner filter life
  • Reduced heat build up of electronic components
  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime