Composite Air Pre-cleaners


Enginaire Composite Air Pre-cleaners are constructed with heavy duty composite materials, sealed ball bearings and are light weight.

Engine air precleaners are designed to remove most of the contaminants from the air that feeds the engine.

The advantage of removing these contaminants is extended filter life, improved fuel economy, and reduced engine wear. 

Turbochargers, blowers, cylinder liners, piston rings, and engine oil can fail because of contamination entering the engine through the air filter.

Air precleaners are designed to remove dirt particles before they get to the air filter.

The benefit of using an Enginaire Air Precleaner is longer engine life.

Depth ID =4.5 Inches
Width: B = 11.00 Inches
Height: A = 7.0 Inches
Weight: 3.7 lbs
Diesel Engine Capacity: 250 - 600 CFM
Specific Characteristics:

  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Heavy duty composite construction
  • Light weight
  • Available rubber adaptors for fitment;
    •  Conectors
    •  Expanders
    •  Reducers
    •  Elbows
    •  Flex tubes
  • Reduction in air filter replacement
  • Increased horsepower
  • Reductions in fuel consumption
  • Cleaner engine oil
  • Reduced wear and tare on engine parts

Caution - The Precleaner selection must be based on engine airflow specifications, not on inlet tube diameter.

 Lifetime Warranty


Air of the engine intake powers the PreCleaner.

  • 1. Incoming air is drawn through the angled louver plates
  • 2. The intake air turns the stainless steel rotor
  • 3. The stainless steel rotor is mounted on dual precision ground, sealed, heavy duty bearings
  • 4. The centrifugal force caused by the high speed spinning motion of the rotor, separates the    contaminants from the air, throwing them to the inner perimeter of the hood
  • 5. The contaminants are expelled out through the directional discharge port
  • 6. The Clean, dry air is drawn into the plenum chamber
  • 7. The Clean, dry air is then drawn into the engine


  • Enginaire precleaners can be installed in almost any plane; horizontal, vertical, transverse or parallel.
  • Precleaner selection is based on engine airflow specifications
  • To install remove the existing rain cap, dust bowl or other style precleaner

Not sure of which model is appropriate,? contact Customer Service with the following information;

  • name of the engine manufacturer
  • model number of the engine