Diesel Pre-heat Module

Electronic Controls


Trombetta's Diesel Pre-Heat Module is a temperature sensing and timing module designed to provide optimum control of Diesel Engine/Cold Starting assist devices such as glow plugs and air intake heaters. 

When the ignition switch is turned to the run position, the S500-B100-02 module powers the glow plugs and/or air intake heating elements. This keeps them energized for a predetermined time based on the ambient temperature.

At the same time, the module can activate a dashboard "wait" indicator light, which remains 'on' until the glow plug or air intake heater reaches the required temperature then turns 'off', signaling the operator to turn the key to start the engine.

Specific Characteristics:

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  • Refer to technical specifications


  • Environmentally sealed, this robust and economical module enables cold-weather starting of diesel engines with loads up of 40 amps.
  • Customization for your specific needs is available.