Force Regulating Over-Energizer (FROE)

Electronic Controls

Force Regulating Over-Energizer (FROE)

These controls are designed specifically for high force industrial work solenoids and allow regulation of this force keeping it near constant throughout the entire stroke. The control is maintained through temperature and voltage supply fluctuations.

Applications include diaphragm pumps, brakes and clutches, especially where a controlled application rate is desired.

Specific Characteristics:
  • Standard electronic controls are built utilizing type FR4 glass epoxy circuit boards
  • Through-hole board construction uses plated through holes
  • The standard controls are housed in cost efficient tooled housings and are encapsulated for physical and environmental toughness
  • These robust construction features allow the controls to be used in a wide array of applications


  • High force applications easily exceeding 100 lbs of force
  • The solenoid and control need to be matched as a system.