Spinner II 3600

Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

Spinner II 3600 Centrifuge

Spinner II centrifuges provide highly efficient, ultra-fine fluid cleaning to protect heavy-duty engines and other
machinery. They are proven effective in cleaning lube oil, as well as transmission, hydraulic, metalworking and other fluids.

Operating at speeds up to 4,000 rpm, Spinner II centrifuges remove both large particles and contaminants as small as one-tenth of a micron. Units are typically self-powered (pump-assisted configurations also available), using fluid pressure to generate centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force extracts solid  contaminants from the fluid stream and stores them as a dense, solid cake in a cleanable rotor. 

High-Efficiency Rotor
Model 3600 centrifuges feature a patented rotor design with superior flow dynamics. Biased flow channels in the rotor cover act as “centrifugal pumps,” forcing fluid away from the axis. This enhances liquid/solid separation.

Low Maintenance, Easy To Clean
The Model 3600 is a large-capacity unit which remains in service many times longer than an ordinary media filter. Specific centrifuge maintenance intervals will vary, based on operating conditions and service hours.

Like all Spinner II centrifuges, the Model 3600 is durable and requires little maintenance. There are no costly filter elements to replace and no used elements for disposal. To service the centrifuge, simply remove the cover and empty the dry, compacted contaminants from the reusable rotor.* Model 3600 centrifuges feature quick-clean, three-piece rotors, making service even easier.

PRIMARY APPLICATIONS: heavy-duty diesel and gas engines, pumps, generator sets and specialized equipment in a variety of industrial, oil and gas, marine, construction and mining industries 

SOLID PARTICLE REMOVAL: down to one-tenth of a micron FLOW CAPACITY: 960 gallons per hour
CENTRIFUGE POWER SOURCE: normal system pressure or separate pump motor

SOLIDS HOLDING CAPACITY: 6,000 cubic centimeters SERVICE PROCEDURE: remove and clean rotor by hand; no special tools required.