TurboCharger Lubrication


The TurboSafe TEP3000-PL was developed to address only the failure of diesel engine  due to turbocharger failure caused by coking caused as a result of hot shut downs; this configuration eliminates the TEP3000 stage one pre-lube for engine start-up.

The solenoid is removed from the unit; this allows the TRP3000-PL to operate in the post lube mode.

Hot shut down occurs when the diesel engine has been running at a constant speed for a period of time and the engine is shut off before the turbocharger has had time to slow down; the turbocharger will continue to spin for up to two minutes without oil. The life of the turbo is shortened because of wear occurring from no lubrication; the oil vaporizes and forms abrasive deposits, called coking that eventually results in the failure of the close-tolerance turbo wheel.

Depth 3.87 Inches
Width: 12.75 Inches
Height: 7.5 Inches
Specific Characteristics:
  • Oil capacity shut down 23.66 oz/ 700 cc
  • Discharge pressure shut down 20 PSI/ 1.4 Bar
  • Option BSP or JIC fittings
  • 1/2" fittings with two PTFE steel braided flex hoses
  • Two universal mounting brackets
  • Wire harness 57" long
  • Operates on all diesel manufacturers engines

 Two Year Warranty



The accumulator is empty. When the engine is started, the accumulator is charged by hydraulic pressure from the engine oil pump. The piston is pushed back to the end of its stroke.


The piston remains in this position as long as there is full oil pressure in the engine. The instant the engine is stopped, the oil pressure drops and the piston is driven forward by the pressure of the spring. Oil is forced into the turbocharger bearings at 20 psi (1.4 bar) for approximately 3 minutes while the hot turbocharger rotor is spinning; the piston continues to move forward until it reaches.the end of the piston rod.

The oil supplied from the accumulator, lubricates and cools the bearings and rotor.

The piston remains in this position until the engine is required to again start.


  • CAT engine
  • Firepump