TurboCharger Lubrication


The TEP3100 is a TEP3000 fitted with fittings of a larger apeture for a faster rate of oil flow.

The TurboSafe TEP3000 was developed in the early nineteen eighties to address the failure of diesel engine start up due to turbocharger failure caused by oil lag on start-up and coking caused as a result of hot shut downs.

NATO extensively tested the TEP3000 and issued a NATO buying number for procurement of the accumulator for its fleet of idle equipment in Europe. The Canadian Dept. of Defense currently has the TEP specified for all of its fire pump applications.

Oil lag is defined as the time delay that occurs between engine start-up and the time it takes for the build-up of oil pressure to begin lubrication of the turbocharger; each diesel engine model has a different time delay as a result of the engine design.

Hot shut down occurs when the diesel engine has been running at a constant speed for a period of time and the engine is shut off before the turbocharger has had time to slow down; the turbocharger will continue to spin for up to two minutes without oil. The life of the turbo is shortened because of wear occurring from no lubrication; the oil vaporizes and forms abrasive deposits, called coking that eventually results in the failure of the close-tolerance turbo wheel.



Depth 3.87 Inches
Width: 12.75 Inches
Height: 7.5 Inches
Weight: 14.0 lbs
Specific Characteristics:
  • Oil capacity start up 10.14 oz/ 300 cc
  • Oil capacity shut down 13.52 oz/ 400 cc
  • Discharge pressure start up 15 PSI/ 1.0 Bar
  • Discharge pressure shut down 20 PSI/ 1.4 Bar
  • Option 12VDC or 24VDC solenoid
  • Air powered solenoid available for explosion proof applicaions
  • Option BSP or JIC fittings
  • 1/2" fittings with two PTFE steel braided flex hoses
  • Two universal mounting brackets
  • Wire harness 57" long
  • Operates on all diesel manufacturers engines 

Two Year Warranty


  • CAT engine
  • Firepump