Power Take-Offs & Clutches

Power Take-offs/ PTO's

Power Take-Offs & Clutches

Twin Disc Power Take-Offs (PTO's) are designed to fit all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housing dimensions from No. 6 through No. 0. The clutches range in size from one plate 6" to three plate 14".

Suitable power take-offs are available for use with engines in industrial installations. A Power Take-Off consists of a complete clutch assembly with shaft and bearings mounted in a cast iron housing that provides for easy engine installation.

PTO's are used as a standard method for transmitting the power of engines in a great variety of industrial applications such as: air compressors, agricultural machinery, pump drives, crushers, road building machinery, cranes and shovels, oilfield service, etc.

Specific Characteristics:
  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Proven design tailored to the industry
  • Creates suitable application torque
  • Broader horsepower coverage up to 400 hp
  • Sealed for life ball type main bearing
  • Built-in hex nut eases adjustment verification
  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Made in USA


  • Air compressors
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Pump drives
  • Crushers
  • Road building machinery
  • Cranes and shovels
  • Oilfield service
  • Suitable for most engines