SM-250 Series Pre-Engaged

Startmaster Series

SM-250 Series Pre-Engaged

The SM-250 features a choice of built in lubricator, relay valve and muffler. This reduces the hose and fittings required by nearly 50 percent.

The positive blade displacement feature eliminates freeze ups by mechanically positioning the rotor blades into the air-stream.

The StartMaster SM 250 air starters are widely used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles and equipment. All models are “pre-engaged: when the starter is activated, a small air servo signal engages the starter pinion with engine ring gear before the full thrust of air enters the starter motor.


Specific Characteristics:
  • For engines up to 1800 cubic inches
  • Pre-engaged operation
  • Integral lubricator, relay valve and muffler
  • Choice of built-in lubricator, relay valve and/or muffler



  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Heavy vehicles and equipment