LS16 Series Inertia/Direct Drive

Vane Starters

LS-16 Model Vane Starter

Thr LS-16 is a lubeless gas sealed starter that uses many parts found in the larger LS 23/24 and uses a SAE 1 or SAE 3 flange. Spacers are available to modify the SAE 1 flange to fit several different flange to ring gear configurations

The LS-16’s heavy duty spring drive uses a pinion and barrel that is available in several three Mod. configurations that are required for several engines in this size range.

A 7 blade rotor is used that produces more torque than many non gear reduction starters in this class.

The LS-16 will start engines in the 400 to 500 CID range; 500 CID/ 8.2 liters diesel and 1000 CID/ 16.4 liters carbureted.

Specific Characteristics:
  • Simplified operation. Solid steel shaft transmits torque directly from air motor to inertia-type drive
  • Built-in/removable air strainer located within the inlet port is included as standard
  • Super torque seven blade rotor for increased starting power



  • Start engines up to 500 CID/ 8.2 liters diesel and 1000 CID/ 16.4 liters carbureted