LS23/24 Series Inertia Drive

Vane Starters

LS-23/24i Vane Starter Inertia Drive

The LS 23/24 Series is a, lube less, gear reduction gas sealed starter that incorporates Teflon filled rotor blades running in a stainless steel cylinder using Teflon coated end plates.

Lubrication may be added to the airstream as long as it is not a high base or penetrating oil that has solvents that can delaminate the rotor blades.

The LS 23 and LS 24 are identical with the exception of the gear ratios. The LS 23 has a 2.81:1 ratio and the LS 24 has a lower 3.36:1 ratio; the 24 will deliver more torque than the 23 but has a somewhat slower top pinion speed.

The LS 23 is recommended for most engines in its range with the LS 24 being used only at the upper limits of the range or where there is excessive parasitic load that cannot be uncoupled from the engine.

A heavy duty friction drive is incorporated to engage the ring gear.

The LS 23/24 series will start diesel engines up to 1,500 CID/ 24.38 litres and will start twice the CID if used on a gas engine due to the lower compression ratio.

Specific Characteristics:
  • Stainless Steel Rotor Casing
  • Sealed Thrust Bearings
  • High Tech Vanes



  • Start engines up to 1500 CID/ 24.4 liters diesel