LS4 Series

Vane Starters

LS4 Model Vane Starter

The LS-4 Model Vane Starter comprises the front end of an LS-8 with a smaller motor allowing for over sventy applications.

For deisel engines up to 270 CID/ 4.44 liters this economy priced starter is quite adequate where the added torque of the gear reduction LS-8 is not called for.

The LS-4 uses the same drive housing, drive and flange/spacer set up as the LS-8.

The LS-4 is a choice LS-8 alternative when there is room to fit the LS-4 into the engine package.

Specific Characteristics:
  • Tough/Compact
  • Starts Diesel engines to 4.44 liters (270 CID)
  • Models to fit most engines
  • Lubeless design
  • Economy priced


  • Start engines up to 270 CID/ 4.44 liters diesel