LS60/61 Series

Vane Starters

The LS 60/61 Series is a, lube less, gear reduction gas sealed starter that incorporates Teflon filled rotor blades running in a stainless steel cylinder using Teflon coated end plates.

Lubrication may be used with this starter as long as the oil is not low base and any solvents that can cause blade delaminating. The LS 60 has a 2.19:1 gear ratio, the LS 61, a lower gear ratio of 2.64:1.

The LS 61 has the most torque but a slightly lower top speed and the LS 60/61 uses a heavy duty friction clutch drive and the starter requires no plumbing to the drive housing.

When air is applied to the starter inlet, the centrifugal force engines the pinion into the ring gear. These starters are mounted to a SAE 3 mounting pad and have a two inch flange to ring gear distance and the pinion has a 6/8 pitch.

The LS 60/61 series will start diesel engines to 12,900 CID; twice that size when the engine is run on gas.

Specific Characteristics:
  • High-strength, lightweight components



  • Start engines up to 12900 CID/ 209.6 litres diesel or 20000 CID/ 327.7 litres gas