LS8 Series

Vane Starters

LS-8 Model Vane Starter

The LS-8 is able to fit into very small packages with its gear reduction off set design. The LS-8 will fit almost any engine in the under 400 CID range. Lubeless blades and its hard coated aluminum cylinder and teflon coated endplates makes it a very corrosion resistant starter.                             

The LS-8’s design allows it to be modified to accommodate almost any flange type and by shimming its universal drive housing any flange to ring gear spacing can be achieved. Special pinion gears can be cut if required from LS-8’s investment cash pinion and barrel blanks.

Starts engines up to 400 CID/ 6.5 liters diesel or 800 CID/ 13.10liters gas.

Specific Characteristics:

  • Combines power and reliability in a simpler, compact design.
  • Starts engines up to 400 CID/ 6.5 liters diesel or 800 CID/ 13.10liters gas
  • Lubeless design
  • Fewer parts in motor section.
  • Drive section uses smallest air starter inertia drive available which is pinned directly to the arbor shaft.
  • For small engine mounting, this starter can be indexed at 40° increments at the motor and additional 60° increments at the drive.
  • The use of shims allows mounting flange to ring gear dimensions to be adjusted to fit non SAE dimensions without costly flange adaptors.
  • Machined flanges allow new flanges to be available in days, not months.
  • Pinions for all SAE standard and most Metric ring gears


  • Start engines up to 400 CID/ 6.5 litres diesel or 800 CID/ 13.1 litres gas