Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges


The FF600 oil cleaning centrifuge consists of two sections, the centrifuge bowl, and the driving turbine; all contained in a rugged steel and cast aluminium housing.

Dirty oil enters the side of the centrifuge housing and travels up through the hollow spindle. At the top of the spindle, a baffle distributes the oil uniformly into the centrifuge bowl. The bowl spins at about 7500 rpm, with the result that oil quickly accelerates to a high speed; the resultant centrifugal force slings dirt outward onto the inside bowl wall where it mats into a dense cake.

Clean oil leaves the bowl through the screen and enters the turbine section; the oil pressure expels the oil through two opposing jets that spin the turbine and bowl with the clean oil bring fed back to the engine sump .

Oil pressure alone drives this highly efficient unit.

Removes Particles as small as 1/10th micron, no filter elements to buy, change and dispose of.

Width: 12 Inches
Height: 19 Inches
Weight: 55 lbs
Specific Characteristics:
  • Rotor dirt capacity 6 quarts
  • Minimum oil feed pipe size 0.75” id (19 mm)
  • Minimum oil drain pipe size 3.0” id (76 mm)
  • Net weight 55 lbs (25 kg)
  • Flow rate 16 usg/min @ 70 psi (60 ltrs/@ 4 bar)
  • Engine lubrication capacity; 50 - 400 usg (200-1500 ltrs) Improved oil cleanliness 
  • Extended oil life 
  • Reduced component wear 
  • Extended service Intervals 
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • No consumable costs 
  • Less oil consumption 
  • Less oil / filter waste 
  • Soot contamination removal down to 0.3 micron 
  • Extended life for main filters 
  • Increase in engine life 
  • Totally cleanable by-pass filtration  
  • Environment friendly


Typical rotor performance for SAE 30 OIL @ 75°C


Dirt cake accumulation in bowl


Flow diagram of contimanated oil entering and clean oil returning to engine


  • Marine Engines 
  • Diesel Generators