SM-251 Series Pre-Engaged/Overhung

Startmaster Series

SM-251 Series Pre-Engaged/Overhung

The SM-251 features a choice of built in lubricator, relay valve and muffler. This reduces the hose and fittings required by nearly 50 percent.

The SM-251 starter has all the features of the SM-250 series, but also has an extended drive shaft to fit many models of European diesels, such as Deutz, Scania, M.A.N. etc.

The positive blade displacement feature eliminates freeze ups by mechanically positioning the rotor blades into the air-stream.

Specific Characteristics:
  • For engines up to 1800 cubic inches
  • Configured to fit European diesels



  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Heavy vehicles and equipment
  • European diesel engines